We offer mobile DJ Services at truly affordable prices. No matter what your budget, we have a package that will work for you! Backyard Parties to Corporate Events, we provide music, lighting, fog, bubbles, fun... anything you feel would make your event a memorable one.

• 100% Digital Sound (Apple Computer Based System)
We can search our music library of over 100,000 songs for just about any request, no matter what the musical style. Big Band to Hip Hop. Classical to Country. Oldies to Top 40's, our entire music library is available at every event. No searching thru a 100 CD's for a song, we are 100% digital... it takes seconds to find that request!

• Family Friendly!
Some of today's music is anything but subtle. As a parent myself, I worry about just what my kids are listening to. That is why we will always carry the "Clean" version of popular songs, with all Illicit language removed. Rest assured that at a school function or birthday party, we'll keep it "Clean"!

• We'll help you pick just the right songs - or let us program the fun!
Sometimes you know the song, but not the artist, or sometimes it's the other way around. Then there are songs... You know the words... What's the name of that song? Don't worry. With years of experience, we'll help you pick out the right song, find that long lost version of a favorite, fill in the mental blanks, and give you what you want! There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone find "that" song and making their event "perfect"!

Visit our lighting page and you'll see we offer a wide range of effects to make your party become an "EVENT." Light up the dance floor, set the mood, wash your party in color, dance thru the fog..... We offer it all!
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